UFO is hidden in the Crater Manilius on the Moon in 1968

On October 2014, Scott C. Waring thinks to have found a UFO slightly hidden in the crater Manilius on the Moon. This anomaly could be seen on photos published on NASA website…

Waring explains:

This UFO was discovered sitting at the bottom of a crater in an old Lunar Orbiter photo. The UFO looks a lot like the UFO they explored in Deporte crater during Apollo 20. Yes I'm talking Apollo 20, but not some Apollo 18 movie that you guys all heard about. William Rutledge explored this kind of a ship and it is located in a similar crater. This UFO has to be massive, I'm guessing its at least 10-15km across. Have you ever done any research into how many missions have been sent to the moon? You probably think ten or twenty, but try more than eighty missions. And why would they send so many if nothing was there? They wouldn't. They are mapping the structures and technology on the moons surface so that they can decide the best locations to search for alien tech. SCW

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