Two bright UFOs near Newark, New Jersey

On May 7, 2013, a man and his wife were in their car in Newark, New Jersey. Woman decided to take some photos of landscapes. Later, when they have looked their photos, they noticed one or two very UFO in the sky…

Witness reports:

My husband and I were driving to Massachusetts he told me that New York skyline was on my side I started shooting pictures through open window I have never seen New York only on TV and was excited I don't travel much, I thought it was a plane continued to shoot pictures of the New York skyline also had taken pictures upon getting on the bridge. When I returned home and was looking at the pictures on my laptop is when I realized it was totally something else I enlarged the pictures and that's how I came about that it looks like diamond shape and round. I checked information on my canon rebel xt time was 16:56 to 17:05 which is when we entered the bridge. I also noticed a shape in the water I'm not sure if this is anything or not or if the pictures I have are that is why I'm sending 6 pictures. I would like to thank you for looking at pictures and letting me know what they are pictures of and what you think.