Triangle object spotted over Gainesville, in Florida

On October 25, 2014, a wife and her husband came out of a restaurant, in Gainesville (city in Alachua County, Florida), when they have sighted a triangle object with three lights moving from in a southeast direction. Other witnesses?

Witness statement:

We went out to dinner and were looking at the sky afterward. It was very dark and the sky clear. I was looking for meteors, and movement caught my eye. I saw three lights traveling together in a triangle formation. It was moving real fast. I pointed it out to my husband and we watched them fly overhead. Overhead the object looked like it was solid and dark, blacker than the sky and it looked low. Like low enough to hear if it had been a plane, but there was no sound. The lights on it looked as if you were looking at it though a lens, like they were fuzzy almost as if there was interference. Shortly after it flew overhead, it turned sharply to the west and the lights flew apart in different directions. And then it was gone.