Three luminous orbs spotted by hundreds of witnesses

On October 3, 2014, during morning, hundreds of witnesses have seen three orb’s of light hovering over the city of Alma, located in Park County, Colorado. These UFO formed a triangle…

Witness statement:

I came into my town of Alma Colorado this morning and several residents were at the community store looking up to the sky. They pointed out three Orb's of light hovering in the Southeast sky. They were stationary and formed a triangle. The store owner told me they had been there since at least 7 in the morning. I went home and the lights never changed locations. I continued to watch the lights for two more hours! Then one light slowly broke from the triangle and formed a straight line. It moved very slowly. It took a good ten minutes to move from it's original point in triangle to it's point in the straight line. It then slowly moved off out of my view. I do have some pics. But they don't show much.