Orange flying saucer over Daytona Beach, Florida

On September 9, 2010, two friends have sighted a yellowish/orange disk-shaped UFO during about 10 seconds over Daytona Beach, in Volusia County, Florida…

Witness report:

I was picking up a friend in Daytona Beach and as we both walked to the car I happened to look up. Upon looking up I saw a disk shaped glowing yellowish/orange with a dark circle in the middle. I was in awe as I saw it hovering which didn't seem more than 1000 ft above! I was so much in awe I didn't even point it out to my friend. When I first saw it I though maybe it was ball lightning. But after it took off at a incredible speed seeming to elevate I knew it wasn't ball lightning! I did extensive research on ball lightning after my sighting to be sure. After researching it I am positive it was not ball lightning! As far as the objects movements, it hovered for about ten seconds and took off in the blink of and eye! I did not blink though! It made no noise and upon its NE take-off all I saw was a yellow streak. That is when I lost site of the object.