Invisible triangular-shaped UFO over Adelaide, Australia

On September 3, 2014, in the small hours, an inhabitant of Adelaide (in Australia) has photographed an invisible and reflective triangular-shaped UFO hiding in the clouds. Witness has posted a photo on MUFON’s website…

Witness statement:

Woke up to a cloudy morning that day and was looking outside the balcony while having my morning tea when i noticed an impression of what seems to be an invisible/reflective aircraft in the clouds. It is triangular and is stationary. The clouds gave away the shape and size of the craft which is flying higher than an airplane that is about 5-8mins into take off and is much much bigger. The plane flew past the same line of sight as where the craft was and the invisible craft was about 5 times bigger than the plane even though it's farther away from where I was observing. It is unknown how long the craft stayed there as i have to leave for work. I took a photo of it and will be attaching to this report.