India map discovered on Mars by India Mars Orbiter

The Mars Orbiter Mission orbits Mars since 24 September 2014. On one of photos taken by this spacecraft several ufologists have noticed a Indian maps on Red Planet!

Scott C. Waring explains:

India has their first ever satellite orbiting Mars in in the recent photos, one of them caught millions of eyes. This one photo shows the map of India. There are many stories about Mars once being like Earth until it was destroyed and the few remaining inhabitants moving to Earth, so yes its possible the entire continent was copied onto Earth to recreate a new Mars...what mars once was in ancient times. Remember NASA did say this year that Mars once had oceans...then it no doubt had continents and life. SCW

QZ News states:
Indians are swooning over the first images of Mars taken from their country’s Mars Orbiter Mission—and some are saying MOM captured not just the Red Planet, but also an image of India.