Green orb filmed during weather report on TV

On October 2014, by watching weather report on TV, a viewer has noticed a green orb behind the presenter descending in straight line towards the buildings…

Witness reports:

October 02 2014 at the 10pm TV TVA weather report in downtown Montreal Canada. Colette from TV, TVA 10pm reports the weather, and over her right shoulder at video time laps 37:14 you see an ORB appear and descends in straight line behind buildings at a 365 degree. Thousands of Montreal residents must have seen it on the most watched local TV program or in real time. No crash, big round aura, no lights, no glow, no trail,............. just there. I don't know what it was but its no comet et asteroid or nothing like that Cause by the size and speed it went down the reporter and half the city would have been smashed and no plane of todays time could stop to zero a couple of feet from ground at that speed. By the distance of the reporter and back ground seen, the orb must have been 50 to 100 feet in diameter. When called the station, no one new anything??