Flying saucer sighted in night over Montgomery, Alabama

On April 17, 1967, a family looked at the sky when a flying saucer is appeared during several seconds. This scene took place in the city of Montgomery, in Alabama. Since this event, witness has known multiple paranormal experiences…

Witness reports:

I believe it was the spring of '67. My mother, brother and I were in the back yard watching a lunar event. It was to the right of our back yard. As soon as it finished my brother and I caught a flash out our left eye. There was a cloud in the sky. A perfect saucer popped out from behind it, stopped for 5 seconds, then took off at a 45 degree angle at an impossible speed. We both screamed.

Since then I have had many encounters with them. I would very much like to talk to the people from MUFON......Please help me.