Flat white UFO appeared over Tel Aviv, Israel

On October 3, 2014, an inhabitant of Tel Aviv (the second most populous city in Israel) has spotted a flat white flying object. This UFO flew slowly in a straight line. A couple of minutes after, another one is appeared…

Witness reports:

Me and my partner were sitting home with the balcony opened, facing west.

All of a sudden (18:25) we noticed a flat white flying object (Object A) in the sunset, over the ocean, it flew slowly and silently towards the north.

At first, we thought it was an airplane, but soon after we realized that it's Yom Kippur in Israel, and that all flights in the country stopped a couple of hours before then.

A few minutes after, an identical object but smaller in length (Object B) appeared in front of it (further away towards the north), and flew in the opposite direction.

Both of them kept flying, in an identical speed.

During their way, they were one above the other,(Object A above object B) and to us they seemed dangerously close to each other.
After then, object B got slightly less visible than it was, but kept flying in the same speed and direction.

They gradually got further away from each other.

Around 5 minutes after, when they were quite far from each other, they both disappeared (Faded away) at the same time.

We reside in Tel Aviv, facing west, (quite close to the ocean, Jaffa)

Further info:
- The objects were completely silent.
- The obejcts did not leave any trails
- The objects did not change their direction or change their length at all.
- We looked into the flights list in that day, and they completely stopped at 15:03.
- The sky was clear, no clouds at all, sunny weather.
- The country is currently very alert to every unidentified object around and inside of it,
So it is very strange that it didn't trigger anything (e.g automatic danger sirens we have)