Dancing star UFO sighted in Southern California

On October 19, 2014, several witnesses have sighted a curious UFO in Southern California, in Los Angeles County. The first witness was in the city of Long Beach and the second was in Seal Beach (about 7.2 miles of Long Beach).

First witness:

Witnessed beginning on 10/19 approx 10 pm to just past midnight at about 30degrees above sunset, woke up at 6.00am on 10/20 and bright star like object at 12 o'clock high, directly above was gleaming like a diamond in the sky. Looked through binoculars and object was still dancing in the stratosphere. I was very happy to see object this morning, I've always been laughed at for my belief about UFO's for nearly 30 years now. Object currently still directly over head.

Second witness:

I was on my West unobstructed view balcony, looking at a cluster of what looked like stars and noticed the star cluster flickering. So, I got my binoculars out and held them against a chair arm to stabilize and watched it dance. It’s 12:47am right now and its still going on. I've been following Robert Bingham and have been trying his technique of calling out the UFO's daily for about a week. I was ecstatic this evening finally seeing one for the first time, I’m sure it wasn't me but I am real happy to experience this evenings event.