Curious UFO photographed near Garden Valley, Idaho

On October 2, 2014, a group of friends drove in car towards Deadwood Reservoir, to go fishing. Near Garden Valley (Idaho), they stopped to take a few photos of the landscapes. When they looked phots, they are noticed something of very strange…

Witness statement:

On the morning of October 2 my girlfriend and I along with a few friends decided to drive up to Deadwood Reservoir and take in a day of fishing. We had left our rental cabin in Garden Valley and headed up Highway 17 (Banks/Lowman Rd.) to forest service road 555 aka Scott Mtn. Rd.

We were exactly 7 miles from Highway 17 and decided to take a break a little pee break. I got out and decided to take a few photos given a nice vista point we had stopped at.

I nor any of those in our group ever saw or heard anything and there were no other planes or helicopters in the area. We were all complete oblivious to anything being in the sky, again I was simple snapping some quick photos of the surrounding mountains.

After snapping a few photos we got back in our cars and headed to the lake. I returned home on 10/4/2014 and downloaded all the photos of our trip. It was at this time that I noticed the object in the photo which appears to be several miles away.

After viewing the photo, enhancing it, and playing with contrast, hue, etc. I have no idea what this object might be.