Bright UFO spotted over Santa Ana, California

An automobilist was near the city of Santa Ana (in California) when he has seen a bright unidentified light in the sky. Witness has taken a photo of this anomaly. What is it? A meteorite or a real UFO?

Witness statement:

I was traveling east bound on the 22 freeway on the morning of October 22, 2014. Between 6:00am and 6:30 am I was on the overpass transition from the 22 freeway to the 55 North and witnessed what looked like a bright light. It appeared to be a contrail but it was not getting any larger.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo. I have no clue if it is just a contrail or what it is....

Attached are photographs. One is the original file from my phone and the second one I enlarged the image in a photo program to get a better look myself.

Looks like a contrail... but not sure as it did not move or spread-out.....