Boomerang-shaped UFOs over Golden, CO

On October 14, 2014, an inhabitant of Golden (in the State of Colorado) has spotted, flying in the sky, two black boomerang-shaped UFO with faint round lights on wings. What is it?

Witness report:

I was sitting on my back porch looking that the sky and saw a black boomerang craft fly from south west to north east over my position. I was seeing these same craft last year starting September 30 2013. I was extremely excited to see them back. Speed was maybe 500 MPH and completely silent. After seeing the first one fly over I yelled for my roommates to come look and a second one flew over going the opposite direction. Very hard to see and almost easier using your peripheral vision. I want to know what these are badly! Last year we saw these crafts fly over my house about 35 times over a month and a half. It amazes me that airplanes aren't seeing these! I contacted many different ufo groups and NONE have come to see or taken any Interest at all. I don't think these are human made. Anyway please contact me if you are interested.