Boomerang-shaped UFO sighted over Nashua

On October 5, 2014, several persons living in Nashua (in Hillsborough, New Hampshire) have seen a boomerang-shaped UFO. Neither photo nor video have been taken but one of the witness has drawn the object.

Witness reports:

On our way home from picking up our son going north on Everett Turnpike in Nashua NH we saw in a distance what looked like an unusually bright star, but as we got closer a mile or more up the road I saw the bright white lights along with everyone else in the car. There were no other identifying colored lights like our aircraft is required to have. We all tried keeping our eyes on the object asking each other what the hell is that?! As we were nearing our exit we could see it right over us through the moonroof heading west at slow but silent speed, and out of view over trees and buildings. I always believed in extraterrestrials, but after tonight I will be looking up at the sky more often for stars that look a little too big or awkward. I found this extremely exciting, hope to see more!