Boomerang-shaped UFO over Newark, Ohio

On October 21, 2014, a person returned home (in Newark, Ohio) after having worked all night. During sunrise, he takes his mobile phone to photograph the landscape. Suddenly, he has seen a white and bright boomerang-shaped UFO flying in the sky…

Witness report:

Before leaving my work I had noticed a light in the sky in the distance. It would be to the North of where I was. It appeared to be just hanging in the sky. As I pulled out of the driveway, the light came closer, it was a plane.

Then I started driving home [I work overnight ]. It was after 7am and before 7:30. The sun was coming up, and I wanted to catch it on my phone, camera .

I had been driving about 20 minutes, I looked over to my left and saw this light in the sky. I kept looking at it as it got closer. I really thought it was just a plane. I snapped a picture of it and didn't think about it until later.

I just thought it was weird that this plane was as low as it was, going the direction it was.

Later the same day I was looking at the pictures and noticed that the plane turned into a boomerang. And another picture I had taken that morning had two round lights in the sky. They looked like a set of eyes.

I'm always taking pictures of the sunsets or sunrises. Ive got some other pictures that have questionable orbs or lights in them: but I always dismissed it. Now I'll pay more attention; and I'll be looking at pictures of the past.

I will add, I went to a conference in June {discussing UFO's and more}. While there I met a man that claims to have been abducted, and claims to have an implant.{I believe him} He lives in another state, but we have stayed in contact with each other. Well, sort of. After a few emails and phone conversations, it's like he fell off the planet. Then Oct 17, I get an email from him apologizing for not staying in touch. {He had a horrific few months}. He was concerned that the "beings" would try to come after me. Then I emailed him back, several times before that Mon 20th {when I saw this boomerang}. This was his work email so he didn't even read them until after the fact.

See, he accepted Jesus Christ the weekend of the conference. He told me and my friend about his abduction at 13: his x-ray of a broken foot and the implant. He is now in his 60's. He has only told a select few about his 'situation'.

These 'beings' came back for him, trying to convince him that "no amount of praying would do any good". Since he is new to Christ, he believed them. They are liars from the pit of hell. Persons that are being tormented by these beings can find hope in Jesus, they [the beings] fear Him [Jesus].

So, it might be like my friend said, they want to come after me. They might give me the creeps but, I've got a more powerful weapon. Jesus!