A decade of UFO appeared over King George, Virginia

On October 26, 2014, at least 9 disc-shaped UFOs are appeared over King George, in the state of Virginia. A man and his wife have sighted this surnatural this scene. Unfortunately, when witnesses have taken some photos, there are only two.

Witness statement:

My wife and I were traveling westbound on Kings Highway in King George, VA at roughly 38.277993, -77.209848 when to the west my wife and I both noticed several unusual objects in the sky. At first glance they looked like very short contrails but as we continued to observe them we noticed that they were stationary and not becoming longer like a contrail. I was driving and had to pay attention to the road but my wife says she counted 9 of these disc shaped objects before they disappeared one at a time. By the time she took pictures only two remained. I think in a couple of the pictures there are three of them.

Not only did we see these objects to the west but we both saw one blinking orange star like object which was roughly to the south of our position at approximately 45 degrees (just taking a guess on that). I saw this object looking out the driver’s side window while still traveling westbound. It looked a lot like a very bright Mars but I am certain it was not a planet or an airplane. It was not quite dark yet and no stars were visible at that time. It was unlike anything I have seen in the sky before. I looked at it and it disappeared. It did not blink like an airplane and I wouldn't exactly say it pulsated. It was more like a slow steady blink with roughly 10-15 seconds between blinks until it just disappeared. It seemed stationary and I definitely believe it was in our atmosphere and not in space. I feel that the star like object was closer to us but it is very hard to tell.

I consider myself a logical minded person and try not to jump to conclusions so I will say I have no idea exactly what these objects were but to see the unusual objects to the west and then the one to the south within a few minutes of each other was very intriguing. Now I only wish I would have pulled over to get more/better pictures especially of the star like object.

I firmly believe we are not alone in the universe but cannot say I have any evidence. My wife is more of a skeptic and after this event I asked her if she believes we are alone after witnessing these objects she replied with a firm, "No". She said it was, "creepy". I don't know if these objects originate on this planet or from somewhere else but I do know that they were undoubtedly unusual.

Personally I felt excited to witness something like this. I am curious to know what these objects are and from where they originate.

I am attaching the original unedited photos. I apologize for the quality as they are iPhone photos through the windshield of a moving vehicle. These are the photos of the remaining objects to the west. Keep in mind that there were nine of these according to my wife and they disappeared one at a time. When I zoomed in on them (picture number 8 specifically) I was amazed to see that classic UFO shape. The star like object had completely disappeared by the time the pictures were taken. I am open to thoughts and suggestions as to what these objects could be.