A bird-shaped UFO spotted over Wall Township

On October 12, 2013, in New Jersey, a man went to work when he has seen a possible UFO flying in the sky while he was near the village of Wall Township. Witness has taken no photo or video, but he drew that he has seen…

Witness report:

First let me start by saying thanks to you guys for letting me share my experience. Well I was on my way to work normal day a bit cloudy I took the exit 98 of parkway south and right after I paid the toll I noticed something in the sky weird shape dark gray color look like something out of a movie I called my wife and tell her about I was trying to stop but is no shoulder and once I took the ramp I lost sight of the thing I got very nervous and confused thinking over and over if wherever I just saw was real and finally today I saw your show reverse engineering and saw the pictures of the thing in California that the guy named Isaac claims to know about it I didn't see any symbols but was dark gray no noise no lights was just there like it was looking at something.