40 UFO sighted over Lisbon, in Portugal …

On October 4, 2014, over 40 alien crafts in formation have been observed by at least 7 people above Lisbon, in Portugal. No photo or video has been taken…

Witness statement:

My wife and I, (I am a retired police officer), and two friends had just come out of a restaurant .. This was at about 2220 hrs. and were walking towards the Avenida De Liberdade, on the North side of the river. We were approximately opposite the large "Christ Statue". We saw an elderly man who was clearly fishing at the bank. His rod was at rest. He seemed very excitable, pointing up towards the sky. He shouted, in Portuguese, and I am not good with Portuguese, the other three are Portuguese; he said "the Portuguese air force has just headed that way", pointing south across the river. He said 20 planes, had "gone to bomb Syria". When we heard that we all laughed at him. I remember three or four Dutch or German middle aged people had stopped, and asked in English what had just happened. I said, "that man has had a little bit too much aguadente!" They walked on, as did we. But about 50 yards further on, one of us (I think it was me who first saw it), told the others to "turn around and look up". What we all saw was the most extraordinary sight any of us have ever seen. A young Portuguese couple were also present and were also stood still and looking up. Now, all of us, us four anyway, would all independently pass a polygraph test... any time, any place. To continue, what I saw (we saw) were a large amount of "craft" in the sky about between 1,000 and 2,000 feet up, maybe 2,000 to 3,000 feet away. It was so very clear. Some of them appeared to hover for a while, others moved up and down, there appeared to be lateral distance between them all, but this was very much a formation. I do not believe I am writing this. I wish I wasn't. I say that one or two of them had a purple and green light in the middle. The others say they cannot recall that. They were all a diamond shape, from my memory, and all were outlined with a white light, light small white lights around the edges. One of my friends, both US citizens and responsible people with responsible jobs, thought that the objects were small "drones". However, they were all noiseless. And my view is that, with the distance from us, they would be the size of a saloon car each. The sky in front of us was filled with them. Perhaps you have seen this before? I don't buy that drone idea, because military drones cost millions of pounds each, don't they? And 60 of them? I don't think so!. Besides, the jerky up and down movement of some of them ... I think if it was drones they would have risked crashing. No they were not drones. The only other possibility was that it was some kind of projection onto the sky in front of us as a prank. But, we asked ourselves that question as it unfolded. We saw no beams of light from ground to sky. Besides, the spread of these "craft" covered a wide area: too wide to be a projection. It all seemed very real to us. We were so gob smacked that not one of us thought to take a photograph. We regret that. The craft were moving deliberately south across the river. I saw an airliner crossing, much higher than "them" heading south to north and crossing the river. I watched it and I tried to judge how quickly these silent craft were moving. They were much more fluid in movement and much quicker than that aircraft. This whole thing seemed to last an eternity. I have no idea who the other couple were. We did not think to get their names. We have tried telling others of what we saw, but they too think we must have been drinking. Yet we were all stone cold sober. I pass it on to you because it was too unusual a sight to simply ignore. As it unfolded, I turned to my friend, and I distinctly recall saying to him, "Are we being invaded J**n". He replied, something like, what the hell is that. Please e mail us whenever you like. I am sure that if you are a legitimate researcher then the others would not mind you having their email addresses. But I will wait to see if any of this is of interest to you. I would be even more pleased if you could offer me a rational explanation for this. thanks. Lastly, and I have not mentioned this to the others, but I saw a smaller plane, climbing from a low altitude, already on the south side of the river, and it climbed into the clouds over there. I saw the, what I think is, the rear exhaust of the engine? And this was when the old man was speaking to us. Only because at that early stage he was pointing south and we were looking.

Eventually all of these "craft" shot off across the river, and disappeared into the clouds on the south side. On our side of the river, the night was clear and crisp. I didn't see any cloud on our side. All the best.