White and bright orb over Cuba, NM

On September 13, 2014, at around 6:30, while riding motorcycle from Cuba (New Mexico) toward Albuquerque on Route 500, a biker has noticed a white bright UFO hovering in the sky…

Witness reports:

We had stopped for coffee in Cuba, NM, the last leg of a riding journey back to New Mexico. We often stop in Cuba on our way home from Northern rides. On leaving, on Route 550, we spotted this bright orb in the sky that appeared to be shining something akin to a spotlight down on us. It hovered in place, did not take a path, for a long time. We snapped photos from the moving bike, on a cell phone — best we could do at the time as Gregg, the driver, was also eager to get home at this point after 2 weeks on the road. He snapped one pic at the normal distance, and two zoomed, which we are attaching. We saw not other reports for two days, then today we see other reports emerging from the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, same time, same object, same story. Some videos have appeared with the reports as well. So let us add ours to the photographic evidence.

This was no weather balloon — high, exceptionally bright, shining, elongated with varied edges seen on the blow up of the photo — kind of cigar shaped or oval, with brighter aura on bottom edges like orbs we've seen with blue edges. It was watched for 30-45 minutes while riding, and then could not be seen. VERY significant presence in the sky — not other objects in sky, definitely not a star or planet by it's bright, bright light very close compared to stars.

Hope this helps and something is discovered about it!