Weird black UFO over a house in Greenville

On October 6, 2013, a security camera has filmed a mysterious black shaped over a house, located in Greenville (Pennsylvania). The most interesting part is that the UFO appears on just one frame.

Witness reports:

During October, 2013, while viewing some recent downloaded frames from a wireless security camera, situated in my back yard, I happened to notice that one of the pictures contained an anomaly which I have no explanation for. The camera is located approximately 12 feet high and overlooks the back portion of my house. It is set to snap photos of anything that triggers its motion detector function. The snapshot that I observed was of an object in the northwest sky just beyond my house.

The object appears to be spherical with a ring around the middle. I have zoomed in on the photo as my software will allow and the shape becomes distorted but with a noticeable aura (possibly a heat signature?).

I am at a loss to explain this phenomenon further and have been reluctant to post this information due to the fact that I have no way of knowing if it is a real UFO or some other explanation. I leave that to the viewer and the experts.