UFO in a triangle formation over Milwaukee

On April 22, 2014, a man has seen, with his own eyes, three mysterious lights over Milwaukee, in Wisconsin. All these UFOs were in a triangle formation…

Witness statement:

I was digging through some photos on my phone when I came across this picture. A friend had texted it to me mins. after he had taken it.

He was by the Pick n Save on Miller park way and Lincoln ave. looking south at a storm cloud. He witnessed this with his fiancé.

If you look at the picture, right above the large dark cloud you'll see 3 lights in a triangle formation. He saw this with his own eyes and then took the pic to send me. (didn't take the pic and then realize that the UFO was there)

I know this friend very well and he's not the kind of person to make this up. I know this because he and I have seen a few UFOs in our day and are always looking up in our area of Milwaukee.