Transparent object over Black Sea, Ukraine

On September 2014, on the banks of the Black Sea (in Ukraine), an inhabitant has sighted a transparent unidentified flying object with colored lights. According to the witness, it does not resemble nothing known.

Witness statement:

From 6 to 7 September 2014 I was resting in my summer cottage. Villa is located on the shores of the Black Sea (Odessa, Ukraine). I am a lover to watch the night sky, so I sleep in the open air. Night these dates as I usually watched the moon. It was not a full moon.

The sky is clear. And suddenly I found a huge object. At high altitude, where there are about airplanes. I SWEAR.

I was speechless with fear but I did not raise a panic. I decided it would be better if I watched the object. Personally for me it was like a transparent airship has no constant shape. I saw him near the moon.

A distinctive feature of the object - bright green luminous spots that moved across the surface in a chaotic manner. But it was not the point. They were similar to the view of microbes under a microscope.

Everything was like in the movie, I didn't believe what I see. The object was like a transparent jelly on which the moving green glowing beetles. It was huge, the size of the moon as six.

It does not make sounds and rays. It gradually moved in the direction of the moon.
Sometimes he hung in space, stay, if looked at what was going on downstairs. Then again went slow motion. I just watched.

Believe me, I could not mix it up with the "airplane", "flashlight" or whatever else people are justified. I lost sight of the object \ airship \ substance when it almost reached the horizon and disappeared.

Please take into consideration my story, because it's not a joke. This is the reality.