Strange UFOs over Navy Pier, in Chicago

On October 28, 2013, a man has photographed, without seeing them, several unidentified objects flying over Navy Pier, in Chicago.

Witness statement:

I was combing through a large set of photographs and noticed something unusual in a few of the shots of Navy Pier, Chicago.

Out over the water in the first few you can see some blur, which is what I accounted the strange shape to.

Upon closer inspection the first two photos do have some hand movement blur. But, the third photo does not and the fourth where you can see that the object is gone is also steady.

I've had suggestions that it's a satellite. I don't believe that is what I am looking at here.

Shot A is the first of the series as he was coming up close to the pier.

Shots B through D were all taken at 3:31 according to the camera data, but I believe it was set for another time zone from looking at the light as it rises. I have a handful more from beyond D, but didn't see anything of note.

The gentleman who took these photographs didn't notice anything in the sky as his eye was trained on his viewfinder. He was never aware of any presence or movement and was just capturing the sunrise.

I have full permission to post these photos, as the photographer currently wishes to remain anonymous.