Green UFO photographed during Full Moon

An inhabitant of Waterville (located in the state of Maine, USA) has photographed, with his new iPad, a long and green UFO flying just below the Full Moon. This story takes place on May 14, 2014, during night …

Witness statement:

I was behind my mom's house at the stated address. I was trying to get a clear picture of the full moon, as the night was clear. I was using a new apple Ipad so I was trying to set it to get the best results. I looked in the sky and noticed the object below to the right of the moon just sitting there. I would say it was too far away to get any detail, but then again it was also definitely out of place. It didn't move for about 15 minutes, there was no smoke visible nor a vapor trail leading to it's stationary position. The next and only thing it did was turn round for maybe a minute and then disappeared. Once again leaving no trail, vapor or smoke. I took 2 or 3 pics that I am sending. Nothing spectacular as far as visuals. But I am 40 years old, I don't consider myself a genius, but by no means an idiot. I sent this because thinking about this I thought 1)it wasn't a plane or anything that flies by conventional means becuz it was just sat there. 2)Considering the moon and the objects proximity to it, whatever it was it was enormous.3) Doing a little research I discovered there is no way it was satellite, star, or planet. Which is why I sent these to you. I am not some nutty conspiracy theorist, but I am a realist. That being said, it would be foolish to discount the number of sightings by people with a lot more credentials. If you read this and thank u 4 your time.