Giant black triangular-shaped UFO over Elkins, WV

On September 25, 2014, while they drove on a road in night, a couple has sighted a dull black triangle with three lights traveling North to South at low altitude, near the city of Elkins (State of West Virginia).

Witness reports:

My wife and I were driving south from Elkins on the Beverly Pike, and we both noticed two bright orange lights, hanging low in the sky – too low to be normal air traffic, and too high to be anything earthbound. The light on the right was higher than the one on the left, suggested the object had just changed direction or was banking from a western direction of travel to a northern direction of travel. As we approached, we watched the lights get closer and appear level, as the object was traveling due north in the opposite direction of travel from us. We noticed a third dim white light in the front of the object, thus forming a triangle of lights with the two orange orbs to the rear/side. As we got closer I noticed the orange lights were hourglass shaped. Last night was very clear, devoid of any cloud cover. This made it possible to discern the shape of the object was indeed a triangle, flat black in color, reflecting no light. This is a heavily populated area with many brightly lit businesses. The object traveled directly over a huge shopping center with Walmart, and several neighborhoods. We pulled over at a Ford dealership to observe, and watched as the object slowly passed by – much too slow for even a small Cessna, and at a low altitude. The altitude was roughly slightly lower than that of which an airplane would be if it was about to land. I'd estimate speed at around 30-40 knots. The scale of this thing was huge! It's "wing" span I would estimate around 100 yds. I am very familiar with general aviation and military aircraft, and this was neither. I saw no discernible control surfaces, canopy, windows, or any other feature – just flat black with two orange lights and one white dim light. As the object passed by us, it disappeared as if using a cloaking device. All we could see was stars. Again, this is a very heavily populated and bustling area. Anyone traveling South on the Beverly Pike between 8:35 and 8:40 would have seen it, as it was flying parallel with the five-lane on the Walmart side of the highway.