Disc-shaped UFO photographed over Marion, NC

On September 16, 2014, over Marion (North Carolina), an inhabitant has photographed, several times, a disc-shaped UFO. According to the witness, object was surrounded by a color aura…

Witness reports:

I left my home at approximately 5:20 PM to pick up my daughter at our High School where she was attending marching band practice. I arrived at the school about 5:28 PM, band was still playing. I parked my car as usual to wait for the band to finish practice.

The high school sits on top of a large hill or small mountain in Western North Carolina with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially at sunset!

As I was sitting in my car waiting for my daughter, I had a strong urge or intuition to open my sunroof and take a photo of the cloud formations. The sun was peeking out of a large cloud, was nearly blinding. So, I opened up sunroof, held my camera up, pointed it in the direction of the sun and clouds and without looking or focusing due to the brightness of th3 sun, I simply clicked button to take picture.

I immediately lowered camera to review shot. For a split second I didn't notice anything abnormal but then the beautiful blue orb or object caught my eye. Then I saw the lavender aura or something surrounding said object. I instantly looked up through my sunroof to find the orb but could not see it with my naked eyes.

When I returned home I transferred image to my computer for a better look. I then played around with some photo filters. The filter I used in one of the attached photos was a Negative filter which seemed to make the object pop. You can also see what appears to be a trail of some sort under object. I have no clue what this object is, could be a planet for all I know! LOL. I just found it interesting, especially the strong urge to suddenly open my sunroof to take a photo. If anyone knows what this object is, please let me know, curious.