Diamond-shaped UFO over Sayreville (New Jersey)

While he went out to let dog pee in yard, an inhabitant of Sayreville (New Jersey) has sighted a diamond-shaped UFO flying in the sky. Witness has taken several impressive photos of this anomaly…

Witness reports:

On the morning of August 29 2014, I went out my sliding glass door to let me dog go to the bathroom. While I was standing there watching her do her business I looked towards the NE-E sky in between trees that are visible in my yard and say what I though at first was some kind of drone or someone playing with a remote control aircraft. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that its way to early on a work day for someone to be playing with a toy. So I used my cell phone to take three pics as it moved from SE into tree cover. The object was diamond shape but concave towards the bottom.

The back almost look like something out of a move like it would have Engines off the back only it wasn't moving in the direction the engines were facing. I was able to see this object for about a full min and a half to notice it had what looked to me like a glass area in the front side for observation.

There was no sound however where I live is a very high commercial airline traffic are. I would be hard pressed to believe this would not have shown up on radar.

I was so in awe that when I got to work i uploaded the pictures to my computer at work stared at them and began to draw them as to what I would think they would look like from multiple angles to determine if what I saw was man made.