CCTV filmed strange UFO over Newburgh

On September 20, 2014, surveillance cameras of an inhabitant of Newburgh (in State of New York) have filmed a very strange circular-shaped UFO. Object flew quickly without sound or smoke. What is it?

Witness reports:

Every night I have 4 cameras set up outside for sky watching. All data is analyzed the following day after all the footage of the cameras are recorded using a Security DVR.

On the evening of September 16th at approx. 9:08 PM EST, a round, circular object was seen on camera 4 moving from the East to West directly overhead.

This lasted approximately 11 seconds. The object was near or at cloud level, left no visible trail and had no navigation lights.

The object was quite large and when it passed through or close to clouds, it created a round, tight ring around it. It seemed to be rotating due to the tight ring of clouds that surrounded it.

It also seemed to be emitting some type of energy or particles as it traveled to the west. It made no sound and camera lost object after it moved out of view.