Boomerang-shaped UFO over Alkmaar, Netherlands

On September 20, 2014, an inhabitant of Alkmaar (city located in Netherlands) stated to have seen a chevron / boomerang dark craft with red light at each wingtip. No photo or video has been taken…

Witness reports:

I was out alone after a night in the city, smoking a cigarette and listening to a podcast outside the cinema. There is a childrens playing area there and I sit in the climbing net like a hammock. It was a misty night and usually I would sit there and look at the moon.

From the right of my vision, three red lights appeared and as I locked onto it (and in spite of the slight fog) I quickly noticed it was a solid craft (during the 4 second sighting). It did not fly in a straight line but sort of swung down and then away, also going faster as it swung away off out of sight. The moment I noticed it and looked at it I was struck instantly by the ease and smoothness with which it passed through the sky. It could not have been that far away because the lights were well spaced and it had body between the lights. It seemed to move so deliberately through the air and took the slight corner like it was not effected by air. Hard to describe the non-conventional feeling of seeing this thing move: It was like the frame rate in my eyes was turned up - like the atmosphere around it was accommodating for its effortless glide accross the sky (i.e. it made a normal plane look like something that has to drag through the air with a lot of effort). The majestic way that it just glided at a high velocity through the air (it was this speed that caught my attention) then into a curve with which it sped up and went off into the distance was strikingly unusual. The fact that it turned slightly when going higher and faster emphasized the shape of the craft, as the wingtip lights became closer and the 'nose-light' remained in front. The red lights were not crystal clear, but their movement together made them stand out and catch my eye.

Jaw open, I removed my headphones (only one ear works on these headphones) and could hear the dull throb of a jet engine (typical of commercial aviation) for about twenty seconds after the sighting, as I walked out into the car park to try and spot it again.

Throughout the experience, the noise was coming from another direction than where I had spotted the craft (echo? stealth?), and the noise remained dull and never changed until it faded. No special maneuver sounds or changes. I could not see any other planes in the sky at all. Please note, the level of disconnect from the noise and the way the craft moved may have led another witness to suggest they were unrelated.

It happened so fast and with such stealth that even if someone had been rights next to me it would have been difficult to get the person to look quickly enough. It certainly had me staring in the sky for the next 30 minutes with no luck.

With my rational head on, I would say this craft (although amazing and unknown to civilian observers) is not outside the realms of human capability. But this thought also made me shudder: "There are humans sat in that thing??".