Alien abduction in British Colombia, Canada

On May 26, 2014, at night, an inhabitant of Kelowna (in British Colombia, Canada) states to have been abducted by aliens.

Witness reports:

At 8:45 pm I decided to go for a walk around the block for 30 minutes to an hour. I left my place and enjoyed a peaceful evening stroll.

I was walking through a dark alley that cut through two apartment buildings ending up at an old school that is across the road from the high school which has several large football fields.

While in the alley heading home I talked briefly to a group of guys who claimed to have seen a UFO in the sky and if I hurried over to the field I could still catch them. He pointed me in the direction that they had seen the UFO and said they have to leave.

I hurried over to the field and did not notice anything and thought for sure I had missed them, shortly after about a minute of observing the sky I observed some lights that seemed to come from nowhere; I saw five bright circular lights in the sky that were in a boomerang like V formation, the UFO was in the very bottom part of the cloud layer and the clouds around the UFO's lights vanished all around for hundreds of feet.

I felt a feeling of fear and astonishment when I first saw the craft, the lights were in the east direction moving south climbing in altitude, I observed the lights as they began to get smaller, the light started to pulsate and grow brighter when the UFO disappeared in a streak of light much like what a shooting star looked like only the streak of light traveled into space instead of the ground.

I was still watching the sky and observed a light travel back from the direction in which it had shot away, the light was moving at super speeds because it traveled towards me growing a bit brighter, the lights then slowed down and stayed stationary.

The sighting lasted for about ten minutes and occurred just after 9 pm. I could still make out the UFO when I left the school field. I walked home very excited about what I had just observed and the first thing I was going to say to my roommate was if he wanted to come and take a look at a UFO in the sky near the high school, so I came upstairs gave his door a quick knock and entered his room.

I was instantly hit by a big gust of wind that made the curtains hit the roof and I almost blacked out, it felt like I had been drugged or was overcome by a demonic dark presence, I remember seeing a dark shadow creature come over me freezing me with fear.

I thought to myself: "Oh my God," I just had my roommate abducted and I went to the living room where I noticed that 20 minutes had elapsed in 40 seconds, I looked around the house for my roommate and finally found him outside when I told him the things that had just happened, he didn't think it was crazy at all.

I was overcome by an energy and dreading feeling that I had to get out of the house, I thought for sure I was going to be abducted and I did not want to put anyone's life in danger. I left the house and walked for about an hour to a picnic table at a small creek that was still in the city but it was late and I barely observed a vehicle.

At this time I was starting to calm down and was beginning to accept what had recently happened to me, I was a little bit on edge because I jumped when something came out of the bushes; it turned out to be a dog that stopped to take a drink out of the creek and continued on his way.

It was starting to get late, approximately 1 am; I grabbed my backpack and was about to head to the road when I heard something in the bushes again and thought it was the dog having another drink at the creek, so I walked down to the water’s edge to see if I could pet him and make a friend; I was mistaken because I observed two short human-like creatures, around 4' tall and a slender build, they had dark eyes that were larger than our own and no visible hair or clothes to speak off.

The creatures were dark in color but not black, possibly a dark grey.

I watched the ETs run away from me running towards a carwash looking back at me for a glance, the one jumped on top of a car with ease and ran over the top of it jumping down and continuing to follow the other as they ran into the dark where I could not make them out.

I instantly thought, "If they are running that way I am going this way," and I made my way to the brightly light highway that was nearby.

I was honestly scared of these things and all I wanted to do at this time was too feel safe. I honestly don't know what they were going to do to me or why they ran away.

It has even crossed my mind that perhaps they were either coming to drink water from the creek or were stalking the stray dog that recently came from the path that the ETs were. I accept now that we are not alone and am amazed at the fact that we have so many documented account of the same lights in the sky and the same creatures known as the Grey Aliens.