3 steady lights photographed over a river, in Pennsylvania

On 2010, a man has photographed three steady lights moving slowly over Philadelphia’s Art Museum neighborhood (in the state of Pennsylvania). Several photos have been published on MUFON’s Website…

Witness reports:

On Sept 22, 2010, I was out by the Schuylkill river testing out my new Canon Rebel. It was my first time taking night shots with a tripod.

I put the camera on timer and let it take 10 shots in a row.

There was heat lightening going off in the clouds and I was hoping to get a shot of that in the clouds over Boathouse Row.

Because these weren't taken with a flash, the shutter would open for a second or 2 before shutting and going to the next photo. Since the shutter was open rather long to let in the week amount of light, you see the head lights of the cars on Boathouse row in a blur. However, in this series of photos, there's an odd thing happening. There's a set of three white lights evenly spaced and not in a blur. With each shot they slowly progress from the left frame of the picture to the right with each successive shot.

The only time I notices the lights was after I uploaded the photos onto my computer.

When I first saw these lights in the photos, I thought they had to be a plane of some sort. But that didn't make sense because the shutter on the camera was staying open for several seconds on each shot. Anything moving objects turn into blurred motion in such low light. These lights weren't like that.

To tell you the truth, I'm not ruling out that these aren't something explainable. I just haven't been able to find a reason (nor have anyone I know been able to).