3 bright UFO taken by a flight passenger over California

On September 9, 2014, the passenger of an airplane has photographed, with his mobile phone, two or three white bright UFOs. At this moment, airplane was somewhere in California, USA.

Witness statement:

Well it was 9/9/14 on southwest flight from midway airport to lax during the flight over the desert I saw these huge lights on the ground in the mountains several odd shapes took photos they stayed there for a while. No other surroundings. I took these photos from the plane on Samsung galaxy 5 today 9/20/14 I went through them the first time and zoomed in they appeared different in each photo and when I zoomed one was surrounded by light but the center was a dark disk ( you have to see these photos on the camera they will blow you away I showed everyone today at work the first thing they said UFO that's hard core proof I'm shaking I have had numerous encounters before but could never photograph till these) I lived in saint cloud fl in 2010 one hovered over my house early in the morning people chased it with a baseball bat. When I was flying back on 12/31/13 on southwest from Chicago to lax there was a news story of UFO sighting that night. These photos are wow prof positive. Several months ago I was sleeping in my room and something was standing at my feet I was paralyzed and tried to scream but could not move. It might have been a dream but I thought it was like an alligator standing at the foot of my bed watching me sleep freaky.

I have other pics but you have to see on the camera phone more detail

I don't know exactly where the x and location I was in the plane. But I left Chicago around 2:20 and got home around 4:00

I never saw them fly but different photos show different structures and sizes but in different places as if they moved.