Curious flashing light sighted over Ripley, MS

On August 20, 2014, a witness has sighted an unusual light above his house located in Ripley, Mississippi. According to him, UFO is appeared during at least one hour. It was quiet and emitting different colors …

Witness statement:

I was headed to the kitchen passing the front door so I took a look outside to check on dog. As I quickly scan outside as normal it caught my eye. So I cut my porch light out so I could see better. It looked like a bright star or some sphere flashing different colors. First glance you'd think it's a plane though it didn't continue to pass by it was ideal I'm one spot. I went back in to get a pair of binoculars as I came back it hadn't moved much. Sadly they wasn't strong enough to get a view as close as I'd liked. So I took a picture of it best I could with my phone. After about an hour it slowly rose up in an angle until you violent see it anymore.