Bright UFO captured over Owings Mills, Maryland

On August 28, 2014, a glowing and very bright UFO with a diamond-shaped body has been photographed over Owings Mills, in Maryland. According to the witness, object made abrupt directional changes.

Witness reports:

My wife and I observed a disc shaped white glowing object on evening of 8/28/14 at approx 7:54pm. We know standard aircraft and have never seen anything like this or made an actual UFO report ever. This was not a plane or copter.

The glowing disc made high speed movements, abrupt turns, ascending and descending, hovering. Eventually is disappeared into tree lines. We tried chasing but lost track of the object.

This was In Owings Mills MD, near a major road intersection and fairly heavy traffic. We first noticed the object coming up to a traffic light and saw it to our left over tree lines. We saw the strange glow and thought this in not a plane or any standard aircraft that we know. The object moved in paths in fast abrupt movements, ascending, descending, hovering, abrupt directional changes. We tried chasing but lost track when the object vanished near tree lines.