Black mysterious UFO in front of Moon photographed

On July 13, 2014, a person has taken a curious photo, from Sutton Coldfield (a city located near Birmingham, in Great-Britain), of the full moon. In the image published on MUFON website, we can see a black UFO in front of Moon. What is it?

Witness reports:

I was taking a photo of the moon out of my bedroom window, open at the time. Using my Digital SLR Sony A58 camera, and using a 55-300 lens at full length, i was taking photos of the moon, as it was clear night, no clouds or breeze etc. the camera was on a tripod and I was using a remote, to reduce shake.

I only saw the object after I uploaded the photos onto my computer...the object didn't appear in any photos prior or after the image with the object.

I am ruling out a bird or a bat or a plane/helicopter as, when I zoom in, it just seems as though the object is too far away, and actually looks like its closer to the moon than the earth!