UFO with an aura sighted above Bhubanswar, India

On November 23, 2012, several inhabitants of Bhubanswar (at northeast of India, in the state of Odisha) have sighted a cube-shaped UFO hovering just above us. This object had a strange and colored aura around it.

Witness report:

Description: While our games period was going on, we observed a very peculiar shaped flying object. It was of black color with a shield of aura around it.

It came into view from south west direction, hovered there for some time, then flew away towards north of north West direction and vanished.

It has a very different shape it looked to me like a Cuboid kept over 4-6 Hemisphere (*which was rotating) & had an Aura (like some Rainbow splitting near it) It was rotating only while lifting up or down. It came from South-West Direction, & it seemed like it came downwards many of the spectators thought that to be balloon or anybody on Parachute, But I had a small Binocular with me When I peeped through it The Flying object didn't look like any of the above mentioned.

Then it Hovered at that particular Point for 8-10 seconds {at that instant it didn't rotate} then it flew upward towards North of North-West Direction & vanished. It's speed should have been around 4-5000 km/hour (Approx Calculation by Observing height, Elevation & time, NO Device(s) Involved, We were in School), may be over 10000 km/h when It started flying straight.

{Unfortunately, as we all were in School No body of us had any Camera or Phone. so Nobody had any Pictures of it.}

Date & Time are as follows:
23 November 2012
Time: Between 04:30 PM & 5:15 PM (Not Exact Time) (IST)
{Between 11:00 AM & 11:45 AM (Not Exact Time) (GMT)}

* The time mentioned above is the time of The Games Period of our Class, We didn't note the exact timing.

[When I returned home I searched about More UFO Sightings in Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Odisha, India; But I found something on Kashmir (Ind-China Boarder) Sightings where Army personnel of both Countries have spotted Many UFOs, I am mentioning this findings because the UFO I had seen moved towards NNW(North of North-West). Direction & Kashmir in India is in NNW (North of North-West) Direction.]

[** I have also included a schematic Diagram or picture of what I have spotted, (it may be different but it is the nearest Diagram I could make) as the UFO was at a larger height so I am not 100% sure about this. But it Might Help you to Identify or search Similar Spotting. ]