Two UFOs over Newtownards, Northern Ireland

On July 14, 2014, during a cloudy day, a resident of the large town of Newtownards (located in Northern Ireland) has photographed two strange shapes in the sky. One of these UFOs was a small black object. The other seemed to be a white spherical aircraft.

Witness statement:

I was in my kitchen and I see how dark the clouds got in one area and though I would take a few photos of it to show my partner. When I was taking the photos I could not see anything while taking the photos and took 2 photos back to back.

When i went to show my partner i noticed a black dot on the photo and thought it was a bit of dirt on my screen. It wasn’t.

I then zoomed into the object on my phone and noticed it was disc shaped in the middle with black fuzz and a brilliant halo around it.

When I took the next photo it was no more than 1-2 seconds after it the object was not there, I have no explanation for what it is and there was no planes in the area only birds and they were in close proximity of my house.