Several UFO over the Lincoln Memorial in Washington

In December 2013, a person has photographed a dozen of unidentified flying objects near the famous Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C. Six of the UFO were aligned and another emitted two circular lights! What is it?

Witness statement:

On 12/19/2013 A friend and were headed home from work in Washington DC. As we were stuck in traffic I asked my friend to take a few pictures of some of the Memorials in the area. As he took a few pics and handed my phone back to me, I noticed some orbs above 1 of the memorials 6 to be exact. They were in perfect formation 3 on each side of each other. I asked him to look above the memorial again to see if he saw anything, and he replied confusingly, no why? I said look again and take a few more pics and he did so and saw nothing. After showing him what I saw on the 1st pic he and I both were just confused. But things got a Lil bit stranger. I tried sending the pic to some friends to get their opinion and the message would not send no matter what, it was like my phone just locked up! I could make calls and send text just couldn't send that pic until the next day I tried the whole ride home and it is a 2.5 hr ride. When I got home I looked at the pic again and decided to make it black and white to see if I could see anything else. That's when the orbs really stood out and noticed a few more with it almost forming the shape of some sort of craft I have never seen before! I could of passed them off for stars but is was very over cast and no other stars insight. And just the fact the 1min they're there and next gone.