Passenger of an airplane photographed UFO over San Francisco

On July 6, 2014, a passenger on US Airways has taken a photo of a UFO while the airplane flew over San Francisco, California…

Witness report:

My wife and I flew out of San Francisco 7/6/14 on US AIRWAYS flight 633 around 3:45 pm.

Shortly after takeoff, I started taking pictures from the window facing the bay which is on the right side of the aircraft (looking from rear to front).

The reason I took pictures was because there was a lot of sun glare and I thought I could take pictures and see the landscape later from the photos.

I pressed the phone to the windows while I took about 15 shots one after the other without much pause between shots.

A couple of days later as I was reviewing and editing my photos I noticed what may be a UFO.

The attached picture is the only one that shows what appears to be (to me) a UFO. I say this to eliminate the possibility that there was something on the window which would have been in other shots.

Also, I was sitting in the very last seat at the rear of the plane. So, I never saw this with the naked eye. Captured by cell phone camera only.