UFO appears over a volcanic crater near Baker, CA

On November 27, 2012, in California, a man has snapped multiple photos of a full moon rising from a volcanic crater. Later, when he arrived to his home, he has discovered a strange white and luminous shaped over the mountain …

Witness reports:

At the time I was photographing the full moon raising from this Volcanic crater, I paid no attention to the small very bright light that appeared near the top of this crater, I shot off about twenty shots and left to continue my travel to Arizona. Only after I arrived at my home did I look at what I had photographic and noticed the bright light that appeared in each photo, since the mountain or hill was not that high nor that far from my location the light could not have been a star or planet, then I just do not know what it is or why it was were it was at. Once the moon had cleared the crater there was nothing left for me to do so I moved on, I thought you might be interested in seeing these photos!