Strange UFO sighted over Hawaii during sunset

During sunset, a Hawaii resident has taken several photos of landscape. Sometime later, he noticed on these images a curious object circled by a halo and gliding among clouds above Kaliua-Kona. What is it? A simple optical illusion?

Witness reports:

On the evening of January 26th, I took photos of the sunset sky, as I often do. Upon reviewing this particular set of photos, I was surprised to find this mysterious object had apparently appeared from the northwest sky, darting about, coming closer, darting about again, to finally disappear into the Southwest sky. The object in the photos seems to be a solid rectangular mass. I also noticed there appears to be three large lights in the Southwest sky that are mostly hidden in the clouds. The solid rectangular object had finally disappeared into the area of the three large lights in the clouds. I felt quite astonished and a bit frightened when I discovered the incident in my photos.