Pulsating blue light appears over Lincoln, UK

On June 2014, 20, a man named Tony has photographed a curious pulsating light over Lincoln, United Kingdom. On photos published on MUFON website, we can a green and blue UFO like orb.

Witness statement:

I as always can't sleep due to massive intense pain. So I always look out the window to look at the sky. I have always observed quick flashes of lights from UFO's. Not all the time, but often enough. At 11.30 I saw in the westerly direction flashing lights emanating from a cloud. It was there too long to be an aircraft. I tried to grab my camera and put the telephoto lens on and by the time I got back to the window it had gone. I stayed looking for a while and observed several lights across the sky. In total (including the lights in the cloud) it was five. I clicked away with my zoom full open and to its fullest magnification (75mm-300mm). I clicked away, not knowing I had caught anything. In the morning I went through them to see if I had caught anything and I had. But only one. See attached. One picture is without crop and the second with crop.

Hope that helps