Flying saucer appeared on a photo taken in Dehradun, India

On May 16, 2014, several friends have been photographed with a transparent and clear flying saucer in the city of Dehradun (located in the state of Uttarakhand, India).

Witness reports:

My friends and I visited Shastra Dhara, Dehradun. It is a hilly area. After reaching there, we started taking photographs.

Finally, we decided to take a group photograph. My friend took two photos, rather quickly; both were the same exact pose.

He took both pictures in less than a second, but when we reviewed the two photos, we noticed there was a difference in them.

We zoomed in on the photo and amazingly there was what looked like a UFO in one of them. We were absolutely dumbfounded.

We sent the photo to the local newspaper, JanVani, which published it the next day.

It is very strange that this happened.