A cigar-shaped UFO photographed after Hurricane Katrina

On August 22, 2005, after the passage of the destructive Hurricane Katrina, a long cigar-shaped UFO has been photographed in broad daylight above Ocean Springs, in the state of Mississippi. What is it?

Witness reports:

This was from a post I put on my Facebook page 6/22/2014:

Putting on my "Foil Hat" for a minute.........A few months ago I was reminiscing looking at Hurricane Katrina pics I took on east beach, the day after Katrina. Only living maybe 1/2 mile from there, the only way to get there other than walking, was on my motorcycle. While looking at those pics, I began to remember what I thought was one of the most eerie things about the aftermath of the storm........the absolute dead silence! It was truly deafening! No birds singing, because they were gone!!! No insects, mainly the constant sound of the cicadas we were so used to hearing at that time of year, they too were gone. About the only sound of life that day, was the sound of a generator running, but not at East Beach, because there was nothing left......fine, beautiful homes had vanished. I mean even the bricks were gone, the same scene over and over as I snapped pictures was concrete steps leading to a foundation. Talking to other people, the overwhelming feeling we shared was that time had stopped the day after Katrina. The day before seemed like ancient history........memories of activities that previous day, seemed like years ago, instead of a day.

As I was looking through those pictures though, something caught my eye.......I stared at it for a bit, then looked at the negative......it was there too! I was like, "WTF is that?" Was it a bird, a plane, or Superman? lol. Well, at that time there was nothing in the air.......it was like an atomic bomb had hit the coast, the only thing that eventually appeared in the sky were helicopters, so many that we declared the helicopter as the state bird, lol. I admit I'm pretty open minded, but still skeptical about UFOs, but have a look at this photo and inside the red box. It's not a glitch or dust on the lens, it is an object in the sky......but what?