3 colored UFO spotted in Brazil, on April 2014

On April 3, 2014, three glowing balls unidentified hovering in high speed have been sighted over the city of Tapes, in Brazil. After 15 minutes, the red and the blue objects have disappeared. Two seconds later, the orange-red spacecraft has disappeared in ultra high speed …

Witness reports:

Three glowing balls hovering in high speed around each other for 15 min then blue and red disappeared and orange-red stood for 2 min and also disappeared to the horizon in ultra high speed. I was riding a motorcycle back home and I was passing a forest path it was so dark and I could see those lights hovering on top of the big laguna like 1 mile away from me. I stood there, and made two pictures, but pics are not that good cos I was using my mobile and it was dark. Anyway I never ever saw something like that, the last glowing light disappeared on the horizon and left a light trail like sort of star wars hyper jump thing, it was just amazing. I can send pictures if anyone interested.