22 bright UFOs over California on October 2012

On October 25, 2012, at least very bright lights 22 orbs have flown over California during a clear day. 16 of these UFOs moved in path while the others were faster.

Witness statement:

On October 25, 2012, at approx. 2:15 in the afternoon I was sitting out the back door of my shop at my house when something flew by from the North very high up in the sky to the South and caught my attention. I stood up and looked over my house when something extremely bright to the East way far away and way high up in the sky shot a beam like a laser and hurt my eyes. This larger bright orb seemed to have somewhat sent three orbs to the West which by then was over my house straight up and a little to the East. Two of them did a right angle turn and then went straight up out of sight while the third orb did a left angle sharp turn and seemed to have traveled several miles to the North and instantly turned the opposite direction which was to the South in just seconds and disappeared. I ran in the house to get my camera to take a photo of this event.

I was absolutely terrified. When I came out the back door of my shop there was two more very bright orbs coming from the East and I started taking pictures of these two orbs. They went straight up into the sky where I could not see them anymore when another group of very bright orbs, 16 of them, were maneuvering in different patterns and configurations to the West in what seemed to be a straight line doing stunts I have never in my life seen like this. I don't really know how long I was taking pictures of these orbs. I just know I kept on taking pictures until this group of 16 orbs finally went over my house to the West where I could not see them anymore because the Sun was to the West over my roof. All of these orbs were the same size except the large one in the beginning of this event. At times they would turn the color blue just like the color of the sky that day.

Note, there are not any clouds at all and then they would turn very bright like shiny stars again. The photos I'm allowed to send to you are some of the best Of 42 photos I took that day. I would say they were flying 30,000 to 50,000 feet in the air. There were not any contrails of any kind and there was no sound of any kind. I showed my wife these photos that day when she came from work but I'm afraid to talk to anyone about this because it will completely destroy my credibility and reputation. I play music in public for a living and this would I'm sure end my public life. I have tried to show some of these pictures to family members and they think I'm a lunatic of which I am not! I have real bad insomnia since that time and I just can't stop having nightmares night after night after night! Please try at least to help me to understand what I'm going through. I did not want to take these photos and story to the government because it would most definitely ruin me. I am not crazy. Thank you for at least seeing my photos and hearing my story. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Thank you for your time on this matter.