UFO orbiting near Moon photographed

On November 16, 2013, a witness, from the city of Smithfield, has taken some photos on the Moon with his iPhone when he noticed a strange clear orb moved around our only natural satellite…

Witness report:

I was going through my iPhone pictures yesterday and found a odd orb in the photo I took of a full moon. It looks like it is going behind the moon at some incredible speed since it looks like it went from on side of the moon to the other in under a minute. The files out stamped with a creation date of 11-16-2013 8:26 pm for all five pics. I didn't even know this was there until yesterday. I just thought the full moon looked pretty good and wanted to see if the IPhone could take a decent pic of it, which looks kinda of blah. So I was kinda of surprised to see this when I was looking thru it. I have circled the object in the picture. It is in 3 of the 5 I will send you and I have named them 1-5 in the order they were on my phone. Thought it was kinda of neat, maybe satellite, planet or space station.....or alien.