At least 7 pulsating orbs photographed in night

On May 19, 2014, during night, at least seven mysterious and pulsating orbs are appeared in the State of Idaho, USA. Each UFO was circular and moved slowly.

Witness statement:

This is a follow-up report to original Case # 56387. Last night there were 7 objects that hovered, pulsated. In the middle of the largest object there were clearly visible strobe lights. All objects remained hovering from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM when I last checked. I finally found my digital camera charger and stayed up to get pictures of these objects once the battery was fully charged. Looking at them in the night sky, they appeared bright, similar to a star, but brighter and larger. On the photos I will try to attach here, they appear more like orbs and photos do not show the brightness I saw. This is a nightly occurrence and I would love to understand what they are. The numbers vary from 3 to 7--last night there were 7. My camera is digital and the lens was clean. In the photo it almost looks like water spots, or orbs, but looking at them with the naked eye they were bright, and threw off varied light. They hovered and watching them, you could clearly see they were not totally stationary. My daughter in law and my son all saw them last night, as we do every cloudless night. I will post a follow up IF I am able to capture a better close up, but these objects are high in the sky over my property which is in an isolated location near St. Maries, Idaho.