A passenger spotted an UFO from an airplane, USA

On May 19, 2014, a passenger of an airplane looked out the window when he noticed distantly a cigar-shaped and luminous UFO. At this moment, airplane flew over the state of Georgia, USA.

Witness statement:

My favorite part of flying is looking out the window, so on this trip back from Florida I decided to take lots of pictures and videos from my window in the plane. I took 88 pictures and 11 videos. Two weeks later, after going through them a 2nd time, something caught my eye! I found it in 3 pictures. (I couldn't find anything in IMAG1872, but I can send it as well if needed.) Upon closer examination I found 2 other more green-ish shapes, underneath the main silver looking object. If you flip back and forth between 1873 & 74 (kinda like animating it) you can see I took them within 2-4 seconds of each other, and how high up the object(s) is going. Looks like it was going pretty fast. Did not see this stuff when I was taking the pictures!